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Internet Marketing Basics

So What Exactly is Internet Marketing?

In its most basic form internet marketing involves driving traffic to a website and getting an action, such as a person on your email list or getting an action such as a sale. One of the first things you should do is build a blog in WordPress.

What is WordPress?

If you are not very familiar with blogging or managing your own website, you might have heard of WordPress, but aren’t too sure exactly what it is. WordPress is a personal publishing platform that focuses on usability, web standards and aesthetics. WordpPress is a type of software that will allow you to create your own beautiful website or blog, without having to pay a professional service to create it for you. The best part is that you can download this for free.

WordPress started up in 2003 and was used by just a few people in order to enhance their everyday writing, but now it has become so popular that it has been chosen by over 60 million people. It is now probably the most popular blogging platform available at this time. Now, with it’s newest addition, WordPress for Androids, its popularity has sky-rocketed even more. WordPress for Androids is able to support both self hosted WordPress blogs that are 3.0 or higher or hosted blogs.

Another great reason to download and use the WordPress publishing platform is that while the core software was developed and produced by hundreds of community volunteers, there are several thousands of themes available, as well as plugins, in order to transform your website or blog in amazing ways.

The versatility you can gain from using WordPress is phenomenal, you also benefit from the smoother and faster dynamic content system that it provides. The WordPress for Androids allows you to write new posts, view stats, manage your content and edit it, all while receiving the built in notifications that it is so well known for. Not only individuals and small companies use WorPress, but many well known companies have turned to WordPress to address their website and blogging needs as well.

If you are considering starting a blog or creating your own website, why not turn to WordPress, a free and open source that can address all of your internet needs? By downloading WordPress you will be starting off in the best way possible as well as ensuring that your blog or website will be able to be transformed in the future if you want it to. If you already have your own website or blog, then why not download WordPress and see how well it can meet your internet needs? Over 60 million people and huge corporations can’t all be wrong!

Making Money with Blogging

Many individuals all over the world are constantly looking for new and revolutionary ways to acquire the funding that they need at the end of the
month. With the growing popularity of blogging, more individuals are determining that they can participate in an activity that they enjoy, meanwhile being presented with the opportunity to make the money that they require.
Making money with blogging is a world wide phenomenon that has proven to be beneficial for individuals of all different ages.

There are three general ways that individuals can make money with blogging:

  • Through ads,
  • Through companies
  • Through brand exposure.

As a blogger you are able to edit the overall style of your webpage and implement ad services such as AdSense. As you place more relevant ads on
your website and as your website becomes higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) you will be permitted to make money off of the ads that
are clicked by individuals who visit your website. Although acquiring money through these means may prove to be difficult for beginner bloggers, as your website becomes more popular, the money from AdSense will grow exponentially.

Another way that bloggers make money with blogging is by being contacted by companies. The majority of the time companies will contact popular bloggers and ask them to write a review about their products. This will allow you to gather free products from the company and sometimes they will even pay you in cash to write a positive review. The majority of bloggers take advantage of these opportunities due to the fact that you can essentially name the price of your post and be paid for it accordingly.

The third and final popular way to make money with blogging is through gathering an abundance of brand exposure. Whether you are selling a product or a service or if you are simply looking to spread awareness about a specific topic, the more that people become aware of what your blog has to offer, the more traffic you will gather. As the traffic to your website increases, you will gather more exposure and inevitably more potential customers.

Learning how to make money with blogging is a simple venture and many individuals are taking advantage of the ample amount of opportunities that it provides to the online community. With the ability to open and operate your very own blog you are able to write about topics that you feel strongly about meanwhile make money doing so simultaneously.

So What is Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. The very basics are taking a set amount of key words and promoting your site through these words. It sounds simple, but you can not afford to be fooled. The correct keywords attached to your site, as well as activity on the web can turn your company up in the top results in all of the major search engines. The wrong application and execution of the process can actually result in your being barred from showing up in results at all.

Key words have to have direct relevance to your site and the services or products that you provide. It helps if you are networking. The more online activity that you have the better the results will be. Plus, social media is a very valuable free marketing tool to have. SEO should be done through a professional. Be careful of scams out there. You should be able to get all of your questions answered. Solutions should be derived surrounding your personal needs. It is not a one size fits all operation. Usually a SEO company will offer other services as well, and you can check their creditability. Google and other search engines are constantly updating, a credible SEO company will be changing right along with them.

Getting the best SEO company is not as easy as a Google search. All this will do is produce a plethora of results, and getting a good company is narrowed down to a roll of the dice. This is not an area that you want to take a gambol with. This reflects your companies creditability. It is how traffic will be directed to your site, and ultimately how you will increase your revenue. There are millions of people logging onto the world wide web every day.

Thousands of those may be looking for the very services or merchandise that you provide. Why would you not want to be on the top of the list when the major search engines produce the results. Having mobile friendly sites is also recommended here, sense more people are using their smart phones to search for the things that they are wanting to buy.

Whether or not you are mobile friendly, a SEO specialist will get your company in the top search engines results. This will be generated on whatever medium that is used to do the search. Get a SEO specialist on your team today, and your results will be rapid. This will allow you to exceed your goals, and keep up with the competition.

Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

With the increasing popularity of the internet more and more individuals are beginning to utilize the tools that the world wide web has to offer. With the ability to efficiently market your business through online means, the benefits are relatively endless. In order to acquire the brand awareness and exposure that you desire it is imperative that you understand the difference between paid traffic vs free traffic.

The general term “traffic” is used throughout online communities all over the world. Traffic is essentially the amount of individuals that visit your website on a daily basis. With the more traffic that you gather, the likelihood of increasing your profits becomes more viable. Also, more traffic inevitably equates to a larger amount of exposure and so the more individuals that become aware of your company and/or products, the more likely it is that you will have more customers purchasing your services or products.

There are a variety of online firms that offer small and large scaled businesses with the opportunity to acquire paid traffic. Whether it be by paying the company to provide more advantageous SEO practices to your website or if you will simply be paying them to acquire more individuals to visit your website, you will be provided with the opportunity to acquire paid traffic. The vast majority of businesses tend to find paid traffic due to the fact that they will not have to worry about implementing factors to gather the client themselves.

As for free traffic, that is simply the total amount of individuals who visit your blog without you having to spend any money on trying to push them toward your website. With the implementation of preferential search engine optimization tools such as back linking and adding relevant keywords to all text on your page, your website will become higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). As your website becomes higher on the search engines, more individuals will click on your link in order to acquire the services that they require. The majority of small business owners find that gathering free traffic is more preferential due to the fact that they are able to save a copious amount of money.

Paid traffic vs free traffic is a topic that should be considered when any business begins to open their own web page. With the ability to acquire the most amount of potential customers, companies are provided with the opportunity to gather higher exposure and more profits at the end of the year.